Steven Harris (Company Director) looks at the option of video production and its role in live marketing.

There’s no denying that direct communication is key for every business. Yet with ever evolving technologies introducing new ways of staying in contact (like telephone, text messaging, email and social networking sites) it is becoming harder for companies to stand out.

Your company may offer the best services or products, but you will cease to exist unless you are able to reach your customers in order to tell them about how your business can help them.
From the perspective of a consumer, it is easy to understand how we can become desensitised by the sheer exposure we get from companies marketing products or services.

On a daily basis, most people get an inbox full of junk mail, a doormat covered in leaflets or a telephone call congratulating us on various prizes that we’ve apparently won. It is no wonder that a vast percentage of marketing attempts go unnoticed and end up in the bin.

Winning them over

I recently attended a large exhibition in London as a visitor. I found that almost every five metres I walked, I had a new product shoved in my face with the promise that it would revolutionise my life.

Time and time again, I refrained from looking at stalls that would normally have been of interest, either because the exhibitor was already talking to someone and I didn’t want to wait, or because trying to find out more information about a product would result in a forceful sales pitch.

Sometimes a customer needs to be attracted to the stand in the first place. I know I like to see what a product exactly is, how it works and how much it costs.

One way exhibitors could achieve this is by offering a video as a creative way to reach as many visitors as possible. A video can demonstrate products clearly and convey messages effectively to those visitors that might only stop briefly at your stand, or may be in a rush to qualify and have a further chat with.

Video is increasingly a viable way of promoting your brand, creating awareness about your existence and raising the profile of your company.

It’s the who, not the what

Being given the ability to demonstrate a product clearly and supply consumers with information about you and your business will also help instill trust and enables the customer to buy from you with confidence.

Thanks to modern technology, even small businesses can have a professional video produced that is made using high definition cameras and professional editing software used to produce content for television and cinema. This simply was not possible 10 years ago.

Consulting a video production company that understands the corporate sector can help companies identify how their final video piece not only looks fantastic, but will also bring in the customers it was intended to do.

Food for thought

A rapidly growing trend within the video sector is that of the online video. Adding video to your website is a simple process that could potentially be viewed by people throughout the world. It makes your website more interactive by bringing it to life.

If you have a screen as part of your stand display, a looping video featuring the products you sell works well. If you are selling gardening gizmos and cannot afford to buy a stand that offers a working display area (fake grass and hedges) a video allows a product to be shown in it’s intended environment. It could also be duplicated on to DVD’s and given out.

You could even have a live feed from a camera going onto the screens of your stand, or even around the exhibition is you approach your organiser with a proposition. This would increase your brand awareness around the whole exhibition.

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